Our Company

Ibercomp S.A. is a Spanish engineering company dedicated to the design and manufacture of electronic products since 1988, with over 500 projects solved. It specializes in developing and producing customized equipment which adapts to the client’s needs.

Among the projects we create are electronic devices for the automation and control of air conditioning and lighting, always with the final aim of achieving maximum energy efficiency and user comfort.

We, unlike other companies, control the whole process:

  • We analyse the need of our clients and understand what they want to do.
  • We propose a design obtained from the suggestions and cooperation of our clients.
  • We develop and implement prototypes that fit the design. These prototypes will be verified by us and validated by the client.
  • Once the prototypes are validated we proceed to produce them in series.

It is important to remark that we are manufacturers and have a workshop with two automatic production lines capable of assembling electronic circuits. With this we ensure, in addition to productive agility, that the manufactured devices have the quality we require.

In addition to designing and manufacturing devices, we also give support to the installation, commissioning,…and ensure that it is correct and incorporates the latest design refinements. Inside building control we have experience both in the automation of control rooms and in the distributed control in hotel rooms. Our devices work autonomously and also centralized, i.e. communicating all hotel rooms, offices, hospital rooms,…with a central computer.Centralization greatly simplifies maintenance and energy performance evaluation, as all the information of each different element in the installation can be stored in one computer.

For communication we use standard protocols, open and public, such as Modbus and TCP/IP.

The standard devices shown for air conditioning control are a commercial example of what we do. Similarly, in addition, we can control swimming pools and the watering of gardens.