Customers and projects

Through our many years’ experience in this field, thousands of engineering firms, manufacturers, colleges, … have placed their trust in our products. Some of our projects are:


  • Development of a complete SCADA multi place software. This software is highly configurable and it is used both for monitoring an installation and to control it. This system is being used in very different applications such as the monitoring of the subterranean water in Palma de Mallorca’s airport, the monitoring of back-up generators and engines for auto-propelled wagons or for supermarket’s air conditioning.
  • The system is capable of automatically directing the incidents to the different system users, connecting itself to a telephone operator.


  • Development of CPU for GPS/GSM control in tracking garbage trucks.
  • Supply of CPUs for GPS/GSM control of opening/closing doors of freight trains in Barcelona’s harbour.
  • Development of a graphic terminal for vehicles.
  • Development of 200 control devices for the Montevideo police department, together with OCT, a company owned by the University of Valencia.
  • Development of an alphanumeric display for Fagor electronics’ fleet.
  • Supply of electronic circuits to TMC.
  • Full development of CPU for GPS/GSM control focused on charter coaches.


  • Design and development of a portable data collector for sediment measures for a pharmaceutical company.
  • Developing a breathalyser for automatic immobilization of vehicles.


  • Automation for door control, traffic light and lights in a single-engine door garage. The development includes the design of a 2-channel remote control at 492 MHz.
  • Development of a time automation/programmer for a special 4-engine door in a rehabilitated building in the old quarter of Palma de Mallorca with different manoeuvres for day and night.
  • Security double door control in the entrance of banks, with traffic lights’ government.


  • Time control system for big companies, including the RS485 local network and the possibility to download data through an RTC telephone line.
  • Development of a full presence and time control system focused on small and medium sized companies and commercialized as our own product. Includes the development of the PC application.
  • Development of ON/OFF Line terminal for access control.


  • Own industrial computers’ development based on 32-bit processors and endowed with a uCLinux operating system.
  • 8-bit microcontrollers’ evaluation cards models 32, 320, 550, 552, 535, 537 and F124. They were used in Polytechnic Institutes and Professional Training Institutes in Spain, in microcontroller related subjects.
  • ALTAIR instructional coach. It is a desk that simulates an automaton and you can interact with it.
  • Microcontroller cards based on the PIC18 microcontroller.


  • Made for Sinmatech a set of modules for synoptics based on the RS485 network, which include a 232c-RS485 converter, an automaton protocol adapter, 3 alphanumeric LED display cards in different sizes and a LEDs controller.
  • Made for the Floria Group a synoptic management system based on SPI protocol, which includes a control CPU, a display controller and a LEDs controller.
  • 6-character display of 15 segments governable by Rs485 network for the SETROSON company.
  • Development of an ISA alarm switchboard, made for a nuclear central synoptic in China.


  • Development of electronics for a vineyard’s retractable plow control.
  • Development of electronics for a fertilizer trailer’s control.
  • Development of a full system for the control of sulphuring olive trees with plant detection by Sonar.


  • Production control terminal for tomatoes and peppers’ greenhouses.
  • Merchandise control system by magnetic stripe cards.


  • Control electronics and power amplifiers for vitrification furnaces, for tile manufacturing.
  • Development of PID system for temperature control in chemical laboratory ovens.
  • Control system for bread fermentation ovens (includes temperature and moisture control).
  • Temperature and manoeuvre control for an automatic hot sealing paste machine.
  • Temperature control of a baking oven for integrated circuits.


  • Euro/pesetas converter that allowed vending machines that accepted pesetas to carry on working with the new currency.
  • Machine for the change of banknotes into loose change.
  • Control electronics for an Airtel phone card vending machine.
  • Electronic for reprogramming, testing and recycling an AZCOYEN coin selector.
  • Electronic design for Zanussi’s juice dispensers.
  • Electronic design for a dosing machine for cocktails, mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup.
  • Electronic design for a chocolate, milk and yoghurt shake machine.
  • Electronic design for the control of various coffee machines, including temperature control.
  • Electronic design for the control of iced-drink machines.
  • Time-card dispenser system for a Cybercafe.
  • Chronometer system based on coins.
  • Electronics for a tobacco vending machine.


  • AUTOMAT I equipment to govern a back-up generator, monitoring its state.
  • AUTOMAT II equipment that controls back-up generators, also monitoring voltage, current and frequency supplied. It registers failures and it has a configuration terminal for users.


  • Control system for water solar panels. Three versions were made.
  • Design and manufacture of an European project for a complete solar thermal system management for water heating in hotels, historical performance control and accessibility via mobile phone.
  • Design of a control system for solar panels. The device has 3 parts: control unit, user’s terminal and expansion system.
  • Circuit design for solar panels control in a 1 Mega Watt installation.


  • Light control system for a lamp store, capable of individually, or by means of a programmable sequence, controlling 512 lamps.
  • Several control devices for urban lighting.
  • Manufacture of power suppliers for static LED signs.
  • Dimmer development based on a sturdy microcontroller with memory.


  • Development of the electronics for governing big greenhouses based on modular boxes. Some of the implemented installations have up to 12,000 irrigation valves.
  • Development of the electronics for irrigating small exploitations, especially orange trees. Hermisan.
  • Controller for a fertiliser machine for the Hermisan company.
  • Development of a set of electronic modules for irrigation controllers.
  • Complete management system for the control of potato farms with various systems such as: frost protection, remote control, water resource optimization, fertilizer management…
  • Development of the electronics for the control of soil moisture probes.
  • 8/16 filter cleaning system for the Urariego company (belongs to the Uralita group).
  • Electronics to control the hail fall in a region near the Pyrenees.
  • Remote control of pumps and local water deposits.


  • Development of a single-phase control system for power quality control, power cut register and frequency deviation register (harmonics).
  • Development of a system similar to the one above but three-phase and with voltage/current control simultaneously.
  • Electric meter.


  • Development of a display for guiding manual berths with 42,000 mcd and “moire” effect.
  • Information signs in Terminal C of the Palma de Mallorca airport. Interconnected via RS485 network.
  • A series of 20 graphic displays of 1,5 x 1,0 meters in Rio Besos (Santa Coloma de Gramanet). The displays are interconnected via optical fiber and can be remotely commanded from a remote control centre through an X25 line or from an automaton in charge of controlling the floodgates.
  • Temperature/humidity information displays and dynamic publicity in the Son Moix football field (Real Mallorca).
  • Development of an urban GSM publicity banner, own patented product.
  • Development of a public information system. 20 units were installed in Plaza  – Zaragoza.
  • Development of LCD indicators for a suburban train in Valladolid.
  • Teleindicators Opel factory in Zaragoza.
  • Spare teleindicators for the Faro airport (Portugal)
  • Spare LCD teleindicators for the Palma de Mallorca airport.
  • Information teleindicators for the University of Valencia’s parking.
  • 12 two-color teleindicators for lockers in intermodal station (Palma de Mallorca).
  • 125 double-faced two-color teleindicators for subway line 1 in Sevilla.
  • Teleindicators for TV programs in A3, La Sexta and TVE. At present emitting headlines and displaying a clock in the TVE1 news.
  • Mobile LEDs teleindicators for vans in advertising company. Teleindicator size 3 x 1 meters.
  • Teleindicator system for truck counting in a quarry.
  • High resolution cross-shaped electric signs for pharmacies.
  • Supply of teleindicator electronics to other engineering firms.


  • Electronics for traffic light control.


  • Audio matrix control for SOS posts in highway.
  • GSM telephone with message encryption via dictionary.


  • Development of the complete electronics for a dual/hydraulic elevator.
  • Development of an SOS handsfree telephone with Echo cancellation.


  • For Tierra Mítica and through the Efectos Especiales FX producer, development of the control electronics for the Indiana Jones synchronised show.


  • Single-phase engine regulator with a slow boot up and voltage compensator for maintaining a constant speed. This regulator has been designed for a first-rate tools manufacturer.
  • Single-phase engine regulator with tachymeter refeeding. This regulator has a digital PDI and is actually in laboratory waiting to be standardised.
  • Three phase regulator for 2,500 W engines. It has a soft start, speed regulation by frequency and braking manoeuvre regulation.
  • Small induction motor regulator with refeeding by peak clipping using only one triac.


  • Prototype for an automatic portable hanger counter based on Hall effect sensors for a clothing factory.
  • Display control’s electronics for petrol pump stations.
  • Control of clay-pigeon shooting.
  • Monitoring of a textile mill (weft, warp,…) with 100 units in RS485 network.
  • Development of an automaton for coal mining, Asturias.
  • Control of a bread fermentation machine.
  • Control and management of small turbines.
  • Manufacturing of spare electronic parts for obsolete machinery.
  • Terminal for automaton programming
  • Control system for video cameras.
  • Complete control of paint mixing machines for industries.
  • Underfloor heating and heat accumulator controllers.
  • Hydrometer signal adapter based on horsehair at 4,20mA, made for APH.
  • Manufacture of a safe’s electronics for a Coca-Cola promotion.
  • Automation system for hotel rooms (illumination, air-conditioning and blinds control).
  • Smart thermostat for energy saving in hotels with communication via the mains.
  • Electronics for the control of train wagons’ automatic coupling with infra-red communication.
  • Home control centre including heating programmer with gasoil boiler control, presence simulator programmer with an astronomical clock, garden watering and alarms control centre. (only a prototype version 100% functional).
  • Emergency control centre for automatic people location. This device is addressed to Civil Protection centres, Fire-fighters, Medical centres, Power plants, Telephone companies,…
  • Electronics for moist measurements inside almonds.