We design and build microcontroller based circuits that can have digital and/or analogical inputs/outputs, LCD display, LED display, keyboard, real time clock, memory, series communication ports, ethernet…

Depending on the project, we use different microcontrollers: ATTiny, 51 family, PIC18 or PIC32. We make compact designs using 2 and 4 layer circuits.

  • ModBus Firmware
    If needed, we can add an RTU ModBus protocol to the circuits in a way that they can be accessed from most standard PLC or SCADAs.
  • Ethernet Firmware
    We can also add a direct connection to Ethernet, which would include TCP/IP ModBus, http server, tftp, DNS client, SNMP, …
  • Manoeuvres
    Apart from communications, we can include the manoeuvres from the client’s application.
  • PC applications
    We can develop applications for Windows CE, .NET and JAVA virtual machine.


In the mounting of the electronic circuits we use conventional technology as well as SMD, which gives us the ability to adapt to many applicatinos where size, price and consumption are critical.

Currently we mount the following SMD components (1206, 05, 06, SOT23, SOT89, QFP, PLCC, SOIC, WSOIC, MELF, MiniMELF, …) and conventional components (radial, axial, displays, switches, radiators, …)

We are flexible and agile, at any given time we can reconfigure a design by changing components or ranges within the same series. Thus one design can have different versions, making it simple to create a range of products.

For you this translates into higher returns by covering a wider range of situations or clients with the same design. We manufacture both small 50 unit series and large 10.000 unit series. Our prices are reasonable, specially in orders with advanced programming.

In our workshop we have two complete production lines that can work independently. Our staff, in continuous training, enables us to perform a highly skilled manual labor in mechanic-electrical assemblies that due to their complexity or reduced amounts can not be automated.


We are able to deliver your “turnkey” equipment, mounted in its box, pre-wired, packaged and ready to send to the final client or installation.

Thereby you are free to create ideas and take care of the marketing because we unload you of the burden that entails collecting the material, finding the different suppliers and mounting it all together.

Think of all the time dedicated to your job, forgetting the major problems inherent to the mounting and assembling of equipment.


Quality is critical in our business, so that all circuits and equipment leaving our premises are subject to quality controls.

These begin with an electrical testing of the circuit before assembly and finish with operating each unit.

The quality plan can be defined by you, creating when needed a card with the serial number, dates, testing done, tolerances, …

We guarantee that all our equipment operates correctly. Proof of that are the thousands of manufactured equipment that work 24 hours a day for our very satisfied clients.