Room Control

Automation solutions for energy savings in hotels.

Under the cRoom trademark we offer a series of specific products for automation in hotels. These systems are adapted to every need, being able to control air conditioning, lights, accesses, balconies, blinds, curtains, sunshades, … Our main goal is to optimize energy savings, client confort and give the technical service tools to make their work easier.

We offer a personalised service, designing, building and adapting the equipment to fit the different requirements. From the beginning of the design until the start-up we monitor each step to guarantee the fulfillment of every specification.

Open Systems

Our equipment uses the Modbus Protocol, a standard that guarantees the connectivity of any Modbus device in the market.

  • It can be integrated in the hotel’s booking system.
  • It can be implemented with other Modbus devices in the market.


The algorithms we use in our equipment are transparent and we supply them with the “As Built” documentation. For the making of those algorithms we take into account the suggestions and knowledge of our clients.

Ethernet connection or RS485

Our equipment has Ethernet communicatinos (directly embedded) or RS485…

CROOM Catalogue…

Download the catalogue directly in PDF format from: catalogo croom 2015 impresora