Modbus service

This application is installed as a service in a computer with windows or Linux. Its funtions are:

To communicate in real time with the different modules installed. Parallel computation algoritms are used to eliminate waiting times. With that we achieve reading and analizing 25.000 registers per second with a less than 1% use of the computer’s resources.

To remotely update the equipment’s firmware whenever necessary.

To carry out centralized manouvres that cannot be performed in a distributed manner.

To save in a historical database the events and states of each of the modules installed.

To offer acces to the installation to other applications, whether they are our own IBClima, IBWebMon or standards from third parties with Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP connectivity.

To generate alerts, detect errors and inform of them to the different users of the system.


It is a desk application for computers with Windows operating system which enables real time monitoring and parameterizing of the whole installation. This application has different user profiles and can be installed in reception, managerial offices and maintenance offices.

The program can also be installed in any computer anywhere connected via the internet. It is also possible for one program to handle several hotels simultaneously.

The application enables you to view the status information of any room, group of rooms, energies consumed, etc… all in a very intuitive way.

IBClima also allows the viewing of historical data so you can verify if a complain from a client is valid or not; if a client complains because the air conditioning didn’t work the day before, you can check to see if the window was open, if the air was on, the temperature in the room… all in a very easy to understand screen.

In systems with automated presence control, the clients don’t need to go via reception; for that the program has an alert system that generates an alarm in the computer when a client you need to contact enters the room.

If a client is not happy with the limitations set by the system or if he/she is an important person, from reception you can set the VIP mode in that room for a certain amount of time.

The program can also look for malfuntions in the system, such as a blown fuse, a broken window contact, a display that does not communicate properly, a door that never opens or never closes, a bathroom that is never used, or in systems with an energy meter a disconnected or faulty bulb.

It is a distributed system, it doesn’t make any decisions. It only reflects the status of the different elements.


It is a dinamic web page that is installed in the server and alloes access to the installation from any internet browser. It is usually a browser set in the smartphone.

This gives the hotel personnel the ability to check on the installation without having to be there. For instance, it is a common complain that the air conditioning is not working. By checking if the window is properly closed it avoids you having to go to the room.

The web application enables you to check on the alarms and malfuntions list, see the status of each of the presence sensors, set point temperatures, presence of a client, etc…

As an option and via a password, the hotel personnel can be allowed to change several of the parameters. The system will register this change and the name of the person who made it.