Lights control

Lights and blinds

The room control can also include a system to control lights, blinds and curtains. It will have the necessary relay outputs to control any additional elements.

To control this new elements the client will have control pannels as well as the air conditioning console. Normally there will be three such control pannels to control the whole room, one on each side of the bed and one near the bathroom entrance.

The lights control can turn a courtesy light on in the hall when somebody opens the front door. It can also activate the bathroom light when the PIR sensor detects presence.

The LED lights at 12V/24V can be dimmed.

The system allows for the lights to be cycled off progressively.

By scheduling and in the absence of clients the program can close blinds and curtains automatically, allowing for a better thermal insulation.

Façade lighting

The system can control façade lighting, either by true color LED strips or by white light. Different scenarios can be preset in a weekly schedule. This scenarios can follow one another or alternate, to give the impresion of color movement.