IB RS485 – Ethernet

66,00 exc. VAT

Ethernet to RS485 converter

It is a controller of RS485 through an Ethernet port developed by us.

With this converter you can easily group several of our RS485 modules (e.g. electrical boxes) and control them via an Ethernet web using TCP/IP protocol. In reality this implies that any module with RS485 connectivity and properly configured can be accessed from anywhere in the world through the Internet.

The module can be configured through a web browser. It can be accessed by name, not having to know de IP assignated. In fact the IP is usually assigned by a DHCP server.

The configuration is protected by a password. If you loose the password and/or configure the module inadequately, you can restore the original values via the switches.

The converter can be updated remotely via the Ethernet through the TFTP protocol.