LA RS232 – Ethernet

118,00 exc. VAT

Lantronix RS232-Ethernet converter

It is a controller of RS232 via an Ethernet port. For that the module incorporates an XPORT microcomputer inside made by LANTRONIX. It is already preprogrammed from the factory and so for a normal use it is enough to configure it properly. 

With this converter you can easily group several of our RS232 modules (e.g. electrical boxes) and control them via an Ethernet web using TCP/IP protocol. In reality this implies that any module with RS232 connectivity and properly configured can be accessed from anywhere in the world through the Internet.

The module can be configured using the software provided by Lantronix and can be downloaded from

Inside the module it is also possible to insert your own program written in C. For any development along those lines please contact because they commercialize a development system.