80,25 exc. VAT

Ethernet module with 4 triac dimmer outputs via Ethernet

It is a module with independent triac outputs which allow the controlling of small resistive loads of up to 4A. The regulation is by cutting the end of the wave, which is ideal for applications that need to control the intensity of incandescent lamps.

The triacs used by the module are capable of managing 16A and inductive loads. The regulation of universal motors is immediate.

In each of the outputs a maximum of 100 light levels are allowed. This feature makes it ideal for applications where various lighting scenarios are needed.

To facilitate the making of the software, the module is able to automatically and progressively go from light to dark and vice versa.

The module can function as sold, although if used to regulate intensity of light or inductive loads it will be necessary to add a net filter to avoid interferences in the installation.

If it is used only to switch ON and OFF lights, then no filtering is needed.

NOTE: This module it is not to be treated as an electronic device, but as a basic component to be used with more complex equipment.