Educational Altair PIC18

39,00 exc. VAT

Educational Altair based on PIC18F4550

This module has been designed for the training of pupils in the IES Polytechnic of Palma de Mallorca. It is a basic circuit based on the PIC18F4550 microcontroller and all the components are conventional.

This last one is an important detail because it allows us to sell the module unassembled and it makes the maintenance and sustitution of components much easier.

The microcontroller can be programmed from the environment MPLAB that Microchip offers for free via its web site. Also in the Web there are other environments and other languages.

The MPLAB must be complemented by a programmer of the PIC KIT 3 type. This programmer is connected via USB on one side and to our Educational Altair PIC18 on the other. It allows step by step debugging, see variables and registers, stablish breaking points, …

MPLAB allows the writting of programs in assembly language and in C.

The main features of the module are:

  • Single power supply of 12V. The module has a diode bridge and a 7805 linear regulator, and so the voltage can be DC or AC with a margin between 9V and 18V.
  • PIC18F4550 processor  with a 16Mhz crystal. It has a PLL that can increase the frequency to 48MHz, which is compatible with USB.
  • Internally this processor has a 32KBytes FLASH memory, 256Bytes EEPROM and 2KBytes SRAM.
  • It is an ISP microcontroller, which can be programmed during assembly.
  • RESET push button.
  • Two LEDs gobernable by software.
  • Power indicating LED.
  • Real time clock. I2C bus with a high capacity capacitor for its maintenance.
  • E2PROM memory. Bus I2C of 8KBytes.
  • USART with  RS232 transceptor and DB9 connector.
  • Backlighted LCD display of 2×16 characters.
  • 3 push buttons.
  • USB connectors.
  • Expansion connector with 8 digital/analog lines.
  • Connector with bus signals I2C and programming ports (they can be used for other things while not programming / debugging).
  • Area for prototypes, 2.54 pitch for components and 5.08 for terminals.
  • Size of module 160×107.