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PICkit 3 programmer

The PICkit 3 is the simplest and cheapest debugging and programming tool own by Microchip. It’s completely supported by MPLAB IDE and has a simple Full Speed USB connection with the computer that allows the updating of the internal PICkit3 firmware as well as programming and debugging.

It has circuits to protect against current over load and short circuit, allows real time implementation and withstands voltages from 2.0V.

Respecting the rules regarding the USB norme, it can give 100mA to its connecting circuit and has quick information LEDs for the user.

Aside from these functionalities, there is also a very interesting and useful one which is called “Programmer-To-Go”.

The “Programmer-To-Go” allows the programming of any microcontroller of the PIC16, PIC18, PIC24, dsPIC33F and PIC32 family from Microchip without the use of a computer, which is very usuful in places where taking a computer is complicated or unfeasible.

In the PICkit3 you can store up to 512KB in its Flash. This is done via the MPLAB and then the PICkit3 is ready to plug into any USB source and program modules “in situ”.