uPLC F18

79,00 exc. VAT

uPLC PIC 18 with Ethernet

It is a module based on a RISC PIC18 processor which incorporates inputs / outputs, communication ports and a real time clock.

For this module the microchip application TCP/IP has been adapted, as an example, and includes:

  • Support for TCP and UDP connections
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • Name Services NetBIOS
  • Domain Name Services DNS
  • Finder of devices Ethernet

The module is sold with a bootloader loaded in the processor, so you can send files to the microcontroller’s memory via TFTP (reprogram the micro via the Ethernet). Although for development it is better to use a programmer with the debugging option.

The main uPLC features are:

  • Single power supply of 24 VDC
  • PIC18F97J60 microcontroller working at 25Mhz. This processor has a 128Kbytes FLASH memory and 4Kbytes SRAM memory (it also has an 8Kbyte buffer for transmission / reception of packets Ethernet).
  • Real time clock via bus I2C. This clock has a 1F capacitor which keeps it functioning in the absence of power during months.
  • 128Kbytes of SRAM memory via I2C. This memory can be replaced by a FLASH memory of up to 8M. It can be used to store persistent data, like configuration parameters and web sites.
  • RS232c port with a DB9 connector. This port has its own UART.
  • RS485 port with 5.08 pitch terminal. This port has its own UART.
  • Ethernet port with RJ45 connector. This port is compatible 10/100M and has a connection LED and a data flow LED.
  • 6 optocoupled digital inputs which allow 24V.
  • 2 optocoupled digital inputs which allow 24V or 220V
  • 8 0..3V3 analog inputs that can be configured as voltage free digital inputs. Externally and with additional resistors they can be configured to read 0,,10V, 0,,20mA or NTC probe.
  • 2 SPDT relay outputs with load capacity of 10A.
  • 8 relay outputs with load capacity of 5A.
  • 4 MOSFET N canal transistor outputs, with capacity to control loads of 3A at 40V. The transistor is protected against temperature, short circuit and is capable of controlling inductive loads (small motors).
  • 8 switches that can be read by program.
  • Vertical connector with 14 additional I/O.