uPLC Tiny

39,00 exc. VAT

uPLC based on PIC18F4550

It is a small module based on a PIC18 microcontroller, designed to manouver in systems powered by batteries such as vehicles, boats, …

The main features are:

  • Possibilty to be powered by two power sources or independent batteries at 12V.
  • Size of electronics: 90mm x 65mm x 20mm
  • It measures the input voltage of the main supply and has an auxiliary analog input that can measure the voltage in the other battery.
  •  PIC18F4450 microcontroller with a 16MHz crystal.
  • Type I2C 24LC02 EEPROM  storing persistent variables.
  • 4 configuration microswitches that can be read by the microcontroller.
  • 2 potentiometers that can be read by the microcontroller and can be used to adjust times and parameters in the installation.
  • 1 status LEDs in the module.
  • Buzzer for sound notifications.
  • 3 relay outputs with capacity to conmute up to 10A loads.
  • 3 voltage free inputs, for direct connection of push buttons, limit switches, …
  • 3 outputs for the control of the status LEDs.

To be able to program this module you need a PIC KIT 3 programmer and the MPLAB program, directly downloadable for the microchip web site.

The module is sold prewired with 0.5m cables.