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4 inputs and 4 digital outputs  ModBus Module

This module has 4 digital inputs and 4 relay outputs.

The digital inputs can be activated o deactivated externally. Each input has a 32 bit counter and an 8 bit frequency meter associated.

The main features are:

  • 4 self-powered inputs which can be activated by closing a circuit, for instance with a limit switch or with a sensor with a NPN output.
  • You can configure the inputs to act as latched so there are no lost pulses or flanks.
  • Each input ca be configured to act as positive or negative logic.
  • Includes a lowpass filter to eliminate noises and rebounds characteristics of switches.
  • Each input has a 32 bit counter associated and its values stay in case of loss of current. It can count pulses up to a 25 Hz frequency. The counter is stored in a non-volatil memory, even in the absence of current.

The digital outputs are implemented as one contact relays. The features are:

  • 4 one contact relay outputs with the capacity to switch up to 10A at 250 VAC. The relays are electronically optoinsulated and have a varistor to protect its contacts.
  • The relays can be activated during a certain length of time, which allows for controlled quick pulses.

The module has a non-volatil memory that allows the pre-programming of the following parameters:

  • State of the relays when the computer boots.
  • State of the relays when the module does not detect the presence of the modbus master.