75,00 exc. VAT

IB-EMETER Electric Meter

It is a DIN rail modbus electric meter, and it measures directly alternating voltage and current through the toroidal coil included.

Main features:

  • 128×64 pixels OLED screen with four pushbuttons which allow the configuration and display of the different values measured.
  • Power 85VAC to 280VAC.
  • Measurement voltage between 24VAC and 280VAC
  • Measurement current between 0A and 30Arms
  • Optoinsulated RS485 port
  • Temperature probe for electric box included.

The unit measures:

  • Temperature inside the electric box.
  • Rms voltage (accuracy of 0.1%)
  • Rms current (accuracy of 0.1%)

The unit calculates:

  • Consumed energy.
  • Consumed energy during the day.
  • Consumed energy during the night.
  • Active power.
  • Reactive power.

This module is based on chipset CS5440 with two 24 bit analog/digital delta sigma converters.