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Digital ModBus module 2 inputs and 1 output

This module has 2 optocoupled inputs of 230V and a relay output.

The digital inputs can be externally activated or deactivated.

The main features are:

  • 2 independent optocoupled inputs which can be activated with 230 VDC/VAC (other voltages available on request).
  • Debouncing filtering to correctly read inputs connected to limit switches, push buttons, relays, …

Digital ouptput, implemented as a one contact relay. Its features are:

  • Input to a one contact relay with the capacity to conmute up to 5A at 250 VAC. The relay is optocoupled of the electronics and has a varistor which protects its contacts.

The module has a non volatile memory which enables to preprogram the following parameters:

  • State of the relay when booting the module.
  • Estate the relay must take when the module does not detect the presence of a control CPU.