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ModBus module of 4 inputs and 4 digital outputs

This module has 4 digital inputs and 4 relay outputs.

The digital inputs can be externally activated or deactivated. Each input has a 32 bit counter and an 8 bit frequency meter associated.

The inputs’ main features are:

  • 4 optocoupled inputs which can be activated either with 24 VDC/VAC or with 220 VDC/VAC (properly configuring the module). These inputs are grouped in the following manner: two inputs have two terminals each. The rest are grouped in threes, where two inputs share the common line.
  • Possibility to use latched inputs so as not to loose any pulses or flanks.
  • Each input can be configured to act with positive or negative logic.
  • Possibility to activate a debouncing filter to read correctly the inputs connected to limit switches, push buttons, relays, …
  • 32 bit pulse counter associated to each input. It can count pulses up to a 1 KHz frequency. The counter is saved in a non volatil memory, even in the absence of power.

Digital outputs, implemented as one contact relays.

The outputs’ main features are:

  • 4 one contact relay outputs with the capacity to conmute up to 5A at 250 VAC. The relays are optocoupled from the electronics and have a varistor to protect its contacts.
  • The relays are grouped as follows: two relays have two terminals each and the rest are grouped in threes, where two relays share the common line.
  • The relays can be activated during a time, which allows to give out quick pulses in a controlled way.

The module has a non volatil  memory which enables the preprogramming of the following parameters:

  • State of the relays when booting the module.
  • State the relays must take when the module does not detect the control CPU.