90,18 exc. VAT

ModBus module of 8 analog inputs for KTY temperature probe 

This module includes 8 12-bit analog inputs able to read KTY probes.

Its main features are:

  • 8 independent analog inputs for measuring temperature using KTY probes. The terminal’s grouping is the same as the rest of the modules.
  • The 12 bit resolution can be extended via an internal over-sampling algorithm with noise filtering.
  • The front LEDs can be configured to activate when the input is inside or outside a preset range.
  • In each analog input a window can be defined, which can activate a Discrete Input every time the signal is inside or outside it. This allows the use of the analog inputs as digital inputs.
  • The analog inputs also register minimum and maximum reached values. This is done over a Holding Register and so the values can be reset.