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Compact module of 8 analog outputs

This module of the compact family has 8 8 bit analog outputs with a voltage range between 0V and 10V.

The main features of this outputs are:

  • 8 analog outputs from 0 to 10 V configurable as 0V to 11V (this is for installations where there is a voltage drop along the wires but we still want a 0V to 10V range). The resolution for each output is 40mV.
  • These outputs are grouped in the same way as in the three previous modules. Each output has a transistor capable of providing a current of up to 100 mA and are completely short circuit proof.
  • The module has a non volatile memory in which we can pre-programm the following parameters:
    • Values for the analog outputs when the computer boots up.
    • Values for the analog outputs when the module does not detect the presence  of the control CPU.
    • The front LEDs can be configured to be activated when the output is inside or outside a pre-set range.