49,00 exc. VAT

Terminal T1 

It is an improved version of our oldest terminal. It can control virtually any display equipped with an HITACHI controller.

To the terminal you can add a 4×4 keyboard or a 4×8 one. This last one will need a  demultiplexer.

The terminal is supplied with a little LCD display of 2×20 backlighted characters. Even though our terminal is the same size as the display, it can also control other size displays, in which case a cable will be needed for the connection.

We can sell the Terminal with or without the display. The display can be either LCD or phosphorescent (the green color that we see in the supermarket’s till).

Both of these displays have a correct viewing, but the phosphorescent has the advantage of a bigger viewing angle and the disadvantage that when the outside light is too bright, you can’t see it.

Inside the terminal there is an imbedded software with a command intrerpreter which allows the following tasks:

  • Send characters to the display.
  • One grapic character UDC (User Defined Character). These are made with a 5 x 7 points matrix.
  • Position the cursor and clear the display.
  • Activate/deactivate the buzzer.
  • Activate the buzzer’s sound mask.
  • Read a key from the matrix keypad.

The module is powered by any voltage between 10 and 35VDC, because it has inside a DC-DC converter which provides the right voltage to each component.