Information to the traveler

In airports, train stations, buses, underground, …, it is necessary to give travelers information about itineraries and timetables.

For that the visual displays are an adecuate solution, because thanks to their dimensions they can show clear information that you can read  without difficulty from afar.

We have the capacity to customize the display adapting to whatever needs the customer may have.

We build the mechanic part as well as the electronics and the software. We can deliver the visual display ready to mount and with routines and libraries that make its management really easy.

We can also set the software so that automatically from a database or from an operator it shows relevant information to the travelers.


Airports usually have big open rooms where it is necessary to show the passengers all the specific information about their flights, check-in counter, boarding gate, timetables, destinations, baggage carousel…

Here the multiline alphanumeric panels are necessary to give out all that information.

A good option are the transflective liquid crystal display pannels.

The crystals we use for our display pannel are of european make, and as opposed to other solutions presented by our competitors which use crystals of Asian origin, offer an excellent presentation and video sharpness

These crystals we can custom set whether in segments or matrices. Usually the characters are shown in yellow or white.

They have a low  power consumption so the equipment does not generate heat and thus it has an extraordinary longevity. This allows us to give a 10 year guarantee over any defect or malfunction.

The physical communications protocol in the equipment can be RS232, RS422, RS485, Ethernet or Wifi. And the logical protocol can be adapted to be compatible with existent units and so no changes are needed in the software applications in use.

We can also build the displays with LED technology. For those we have several options.