Citizen information

Citizen information

Town Halls and public institutions have very often the need to inform citizens of events or recommendations.

Traditionally the announcement of events it is made with posters and banners. A high brithness LED teleindicator for outdoors allows you to inform in real time on any news or information you wish to convey.

From a control center you can manage a group of teleindicators to act in a coordinated manner. Communication with them can be made by mobile communication  or a propietary one.


In the modern world, good information is synonimous with quality. For that the teleindicator is ideal to be used in beaches, where it can display the time, ambient temperature, water temperature, presence of jellyfish banks or other dangers, water visibility, solar radiation, …

The teleindicator for this purpose can be graphical or a synoptic with a fixed part and an alphanumeric one.


The teleindicator is an effective way to define the itineraries covered by urban buses. The bus driver can easily change the information display at the front of the bus.

Furthermore, a teleindicator inside the bus can inform the users of the public service of the next stop, because the indicator can have a GPS that allows it to pinpoint the position in the itinerary.

On the marquees a teleindicator can inform of the time expected for the next bus to arrive.